Cyber Security Talks – Our Own Podcast Show

Listen here to our first podcast episode featuring Eward Driehuis, the founder of 3Eyes. We talked about his impressive career moves from the “dawn of the Internet” in the 90’s to working with the biggest tech companies worldwide, his learnings and achievements and his view on the future of the cyber security market.  

Cyber Security Talks Podcast Episode 2: Vincent Berg – Humans Over Technology

In this episode we had the pleasure to interview Vincent Berg - the CTO and Co-Founder of Anvil Secure. Anvil Secure is a boutique information security firm that helps the largest technology companies in the world. In the podcast we talked about his early beginnings as an Ethical Hacker, angry German developers, the kitchen table […]

Cyber Security Talks Podcast Episode 3: Santiago Aragón – You Try, You Fail, You Try Again

In this episode we interviewed the young self-starter Santiago Aragón, who is currently working as a tech lead for XLINQ. Before that, he started up several companies, worked across different countries and cultures and wrote well-known industry publications. Join us on this exciting talk with lots of funny anecdotes and exciting war stories.

Cyber Security Talks Podcast Episode 4: Bert Heitink – Be A Little Paranoid

In this episode we are joined by true authority of the cybersecurity industry - Bert Heitink. In the past 20 years, he has helped numerous multinationals to set up their security operation. Bert talked with us about how the industry has changed over the years, explaining what is it like to run your own cyber […]

Cyber Security Talks Podcast Episode 5: Melanie Rieback – Life is not Linear

In this episode we had the pleasure of talking to Melanie Rieback, the CEO of Radically Open Security. During the episode we talked with the award-winning computer scientist, about how she started the world’s first non-profit computer security consultancy company, her involvement in the Human Genome Project at MIT, her world-renowned RFID publication "Is Your […]

Cyber Security Talks x Microsoft

We are really happy and proud to announce that we will be hosting our next in-person Meet-Up and that we are partnering up with Microsoft! How cool is that? All usual ingredients will be there: Pizza, Drinks, Beer and Cyber Security Talks. The speakers will guide us through wondrous (Azure) Cloud Security. Moreover, by being […]

Cyber Security Talks x SentinelOne

We are back with another event next Thursday 7th of July at WeWork Zuid. This time we have partnered up with SentinelOne and Orange Cyberdefense to bring our networks of security experts together! What can you expect? An evening filled with interesting talks from Andrei-Cristian Leonte and • Jort Kollerie, networking and of course…PIZZA AND BEERS! WHEN: THURSDAY 7TH OF JULY at […]