More than ever the digital landscape is shifting, where the threats in the digital world can and sometimes are more effective than traditional military armaments. The intention of this organization is to integrate security into the mindset of not just their own interests but to be an example to others that security can, and should, be part of the development of any project. As a member of this team you will enjoy an atmosphere that dispenses with the idea of billable hours and focuses on self-development instead.

You are someone who looks at things and automatically starts thinking from the perspective of a malicious actor – how they would exploit weaknesses, whether physical or digital. You enjoy CTFs, cipher puzzles and spend your spare time reverse engineering binaries or playing games like hackthebox.

  • Research and attack systems, networks and applications in the pursuit of risk discovery
  • Development of tooling to help automate tasks
  • Effectively communicate issues with colleagues and project member

Your role will also involve collaborating with other branches of the business to deal with broader security concerns like planned awareness engagements, real world incidents and the risk assessment of real world geopolitics.

Job Requirements:

  • At least two years of penetration testing experience
  • Skills on mobile app security, cloud security, physical device hacking and wireless communication protocols
  • A working knowledge of python, linux systems, windows systems/powershell is a must


  • A 37 hour work week (with option to opt for a 40 hour work week if you prefer)
  • Excellent salary, employment terms and benefits
  • A company issued laptop, cellphone (with unlimited plan)
  • NS business card for travel expense coverage
  • A generous training budget (10K max) that can be used for nearly anything you wish to further your development in your career
  • Participation in their ‘New way of working’ which affords freedom over the timing and location of your work
  • Excellent pension opportunities
  • Guidance from experienced colleagues, who will gladly help you to develop further, but also like to learn from you

You will be part of a team dedicated to discovering their flaws before their adversaries do, whether external or internal and to attempt to aid in their mitigation in a timely manner. The people in this organization have an utter thirst for knowledge and pride themselves on their training and self-development allowances. If you think you would fit well within a team of autodidacts who love learning and sharing that knowledge with each other then make sure to apply here or contact Stela Staleva at +31 (0)6 41 11 09 67 or at for more information.

*Please note that an assessment and screening are part of the interview process.

To apply for this job email your details to