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Unveiling the Future: Where AI and Cybersecurity Meet

Weesperstraat 61, Amsterdam Weesperstraat 61, Amsterdam

In today's interconnected world, the realm of cybersecurity stands at a critical juncture. The relentless advancement of technology has brought about unprecedented opportunities, but with them come equally unprecedented challenges. At the heart of this technological revolution lies Artificial Intelligence, a transformative force that holds immense promise in fortifying our digital defenses yet raises thought-provoking questions about its implications.

Online Capture The Flag with Codean

Join us for an exclusive ONLINE Capture The Flag in collaboration with Codean! The CTF will officially start at 16:00 CEST on Friday 30th June and close at 18:00 CEST […]

Live Event: Identity & Access Management with and Okta

Weesperstraat 61, Amsterdam Weesperstraat 61, Amsterdam

Details Join us for an engaging event where we explore the critical intersection of Identity & Access Management (IAM) and its relation to the business challenges faced by organizations today. […]