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Free and continuous learning, attractive salary, and top organizations await!

Ready to dive into the exciting world of Cyber Security but worried about your lack of hands-on experience for landing that cool starting position? We know your struggle!

With prior experience in starting and running a Cyber Security Training company, we started the CSR Academy and offer you the opportunity to become a Cyber Trainee. What does this mean?

You will join forces with premier employers, tackling thrilling security challenges from day one, all while earning a competitive salary. Our personalized mentorship and extensive certification program will supercharge your skills, making you a force to be reckoned with in the digital realm.

Embrace the chance to level up your skills and knowledge through a one-year full-time journey. You’ll receive mentorship and training from industry experts and you will become part of our cyber security community.

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What We’re Looking For

Living in the Netherlands

Proficiency in Dutch language

Demonstrable interested in cyber security, information security, GDPR, ISO norms, Cyber Crime, or other related areas

A strong and on-going affinity with IT

Strong communication skills and the ability to connect with others effectively

Excited to embark on this Cyber Security journey with us?

Apply today and ‘secure’ your spot in the CSR Academy – and kick-start your dream career!

See what some of our trainees say:

Yoeri Rol

Cyber Trainee
Thanks to the CSR Academy, I was able to take my first steps into the wondrous world of cyber security. I am very grateful for the learnings and all the guidance that was provided!

Dionne-Ann Rustwijk

Cyber Trainee
A great program where people have technical knowhow but also a good understanding of people. They are informative and provide constructive feedback. I wanted to start a new career in cybersecurity. The CSR Academy provided me with training and found me a position that is a combination of my existing work experience and new skills.