Cyber Security Recruitment

A long time ago, in a co-working space (not that) far, far away, Laurens and Melih Berk met each other. Melih Berk, who is an Ethical Hacker and Laurens who is an experienced Recruiter, discussed the alarming need for technical cyber security professionals. When Laurens mentioned his idea for setting up a niche cyber security company, Melih offered his help and expertise. Melih’s advise on how to find and train cyber security professionals helps us on our mission to fight the dark side of the web.

Back in 2018, we laid the foundation for our Cyber Security community through our very own MeetUp group, named Cyber Security Talks. Over time, our group has flourished, attracting more than 700 passionate members. We’ve proudly collaborated with esteemed partners like Microsoft, OKTA, Google,, SentinelOne, and KPN. Our journey continues, fueled by our shared passion for all things Cyber Security. Do we see you at the next event or you want to partner up as well?

Cyber Security Recruitment Team

Laurens Jagt


As the Podcast Host for Cyber Security Talk, I am trying to inspire the next generation to join the cyber security industry and close the cyber security talent gap. Prior to this I also started the
companies Global Auditors ( ) and the Guardianship ( ). In my spare time I like to bike, I even went on a solo biking adventure and made it all the way to Qatar.

Melih-Berk Eksioglu


After completing two bachelor degrees in Computer Engineering and winning a government based cyber security hackathon, I started working as an Ethical Hacker back in 2013. Since then I have been an international cyber security consultant, trying to fight the dark side of the web. I advise CSR on how to find and train cyber security professionals because I know a lot of companies are facing a cyber security knowledge gap.

Ana Cazacu

Executive Search Consultant

With a background in executive search recruitment, I joined CSR to help connect the top senior talent in cyber security with opportunities that will shape their careers. I strongly believe companies thrive only when they are able to hire great talent – and I am driven by being the match maker that brings them together.

Stela Staleva

Recruitment Consultant

I am passionate about recruitment, hospitality and wines. In 2016 I came to the Netherlands to study at Hotelschool The Hague and to learn Dutch. When I am not finding cyber professionals their dream jobs, I am acting as an ambassador for Future Females in Bulgaria (my home country) and I run my own wine importing business, bringing the finest Bulgarian wines to the Netherlands (

George Papayiannis

Recruitment Consultant

I am fortunate enough to combine my to passions: cyber security and recruitment. I hold a degree in Safety and Security Management but I have always been interested in the psychological and the ‘people’ side of cyber security. My goal is to provide professionals with unique job opportunities that bring them both on a personal and professional advancements in life.

Krystal Wu

Talent Sourcer/Hacker

With previous experience in IT Recruitment, I became a Talent Hacker at CSR. I enjoy connecting with different types of professionals, backgrounds, and nationalities. But to be honest my biggest passion is not really recruitment… it is food! You can easily find me slurping ramen noodles in a tiny restaurant around the corner or cooking fusion food using my magical spices in the kitchen.

Our Values


Assisting our clients is truly fulfilling, but there’s something even more special to us – guiding someone to their ideal job, a role that profoundly impacts their overall well-being and happiness in life. Witnessing the transformation in their career and life journey is the ultimate reward.


We are a team of approachable professionals who prioritise building strong relationships with our clients and candidates. We believe that creating a friendly and welcoming environment is key to building trust and providing you with the best recruitment experience.


Building connections is fundamental to our mission of making a positive impact in the cyber security industry. We strive to foster a community of professionals and experts who are dedicated to advancing the industry and making the (online) world a safer place.


We are experts in the cyber security field, and we understand the unique needs of the industry and tailor our solutions accordingly. On top of that we strive to provide an exclusive experience that is tailored to each client, which sets us apart from traditional recruitment agencies.


As a young and innovative company, we are not afraid to challenge the status quo. We approach the recruitment industry with a sense of boldness and an entrepreneurial spirit, striving to be disruptors in the industry.