Cyber Security Recruitment

A long time ago, in a co-working space (not that) far, far away, Laurens and Melih Berk met each other. Melih Berk, who is an ethical hacker and Laurens who is an experienced recruiter, discussed the alarming need for technical cyber security professionals in The Netherlands. When Laurens mentioned his idea for setting up a niche cyber security company, Melih offered his help and expertise. Melih’s advise on how to find and train cyber security professionals helps us on our mission to fight the dark side of the web.

Cyber Security Recruitment Team



Early in 2018 we decided to launch the first Dutch recruitment company with a 100% focus on cyber security. In 2021 we started the Guardianship, where we are trying to bridge the gap between demand and supply of cyber security talent. For this same reason, I also became a Group Member of the ISACA Cybersecurity Chapter NL ( Prior to entering the cyber security field, I started the company Global Auditors: a recruitment agency that specialises in the recruitment of experienced (IT) Audit, Forensics, and Compliance talent ( 



After completing two bachelor degrees in Computer Engineering and winning a government based cyber security hackathon, I started working as an Ethical Hacker back in 2013. Since then I have been an international cyber security consultant, trying to fight the dark side of the web. I advise CSR on how to find and train cyber security professionals because I know a lot of companies are facing a cyber security knowledge gap.


Partner Manager

I am a big cyber security enthusiast myself. I have completed my bachelor’s in Safety and Security Management, followed by an educational track in Ethical Hacking. Currently, I am finishing my master’s in Crisis and Security Management while specialising in Cybersecurity Governance. My role at CSR includes helping organisations find security professionals and establishing the Guardianship training program.


Executive Search Consultant

With a background in executive search recruitment, I joined CSR to help connect the top senior talent in cyber security with opportunities that will shape their careers. I strongly believe companies thrive only when they are able to hire great talent – and I am driven by being the match maker that brings them together.


Recruitment Consultant

Call me the freelance whisperer.  As someone who is by nature caring and with a hospitality background, I like to develop long-term relationships and be the match-maker between freelance professionals and their exciting assignments. My specialty in the cyber security market is also the Identity and Access Management domain. When I don’t find cyber professionals their dream jobs, I am acting as an ambassador for Future Females. My job is to organize monthly events in my home country Bulgaria which aim to increase the number of female entrepreneurs.


Recruitment Consultant

My colleagues call me ‘offensive Eva’. However, don’t worry – it is not that I am cursing (a lot). I am just focused on the ‘offensive side’ of the cyber security market. Since I believe it is important to understand my candidates and the market, I make it a priority to follow up on the latest offensive Cyber Security news and trends. When I am not matching candidates to their dream jobs, you can find me walking my dog and trying new restaurants in the city.


Digital Marketing

I am Emma, the Italian Digital Marketer!
I recently graduated from the University of Amsterdam, where I am currently finishing my Master in Digital Marketing. I like everything from digital advertising and marketing to content and strategy creation and campaign management. I am a really sporty person: if I am not sitting in front of a laptop, usually I am running across the city or showing off my skills on a tennis court.